Our customer service representatives provide special attention to each client, ensuring that your purchases are handled correctly and delivered as quickly and discreetly as possible.


  • When using USPS’s First Class Mail service, delivery to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, and other big cities takes 7 to 10 business days on average; shipping to outlying locations and other states can take up to 15 business days.
  • Shipping may take up to 20 business days to arrive due to possible USPS service delays, US customs clearance concerns, and interruptions during national holidays.
  • When placing an order, please include the correct shipping information, such as zip code, address, name, and any other necessary information. Even the tiniest blunder or error might cause a significant shipping delay or even order loss en route.



  • Orders are shipped through a variety of registered airmail postal service providers all around the world, and you can track them anonymously online.
  • Shipping to Canada, Europe, and Asia takes an average of 5 to 12 business days, while shipping to South Africa takes an average of 8 to 17 days.



We sell steroids online with fast and discreet USA shipping for a fixed fee of $30, regardless of order size or whether you live in a large US city or the most isolated town in your state. If you spend $500 or more, shipping is free.


There is a $120 minimum total order value purchase amount for each order.


If an order is too large to fit in a single shipping container, we guarantee that it will be divided into the required number of parcels to minimize risk. No matter how large your order is, we guarantee that it will be processed with the same level of secrecy and packaged into smaller containers.


  • If a product is confiscated, your order is lost in the mail, or there was a problem with the items you received in your shipment, please review our Returns Policy page for instructions on how we may be able to compensate you, or alternatively reship your order.


We take pride in our ability to pack and unobtrusively send orders.

When you place a purchase with us, we understand your need for complete privacy and anonymity. This is why, when packing and shipping your belongings, we go to considerable lengths to preserve your privacy, never disclosing information to third-party service providers.

  • To avoid drawing unwanted attention, our shipments are never larger than necessary. To reduce packing volume, products can be carefully removed from their original packaging and repackaged. Occasionally, previously-used cardboard boxes are repurposed as shipping packaging, enhancing the likelihood of your item arriving on time.
  • If your item is too big to fit in one of our typical small envelopes, we’ll split it up into as many smaller envelopes as needed, but you’ll still be charged the same $30 flat shipping and handling fee.
  • We pack your items wrapped in carbon photo paper to protect them from X-ray scanners. At your request, we can conceal your valuables in non-suspicious items such as travel souvenirs, toys, video cassettes, etc.
  • We never write our company’s name or anything else on the outer container that may give away the medical contents.
  • There’s no need to be concerned when orders are delivered via registered mail, which requires a signature upon delivery; the only difference is that registered mail is monitored, and the rest of the procedures are identical to regular mail.